How to Make Sprint Ringtones

Everyone who has a Sprint cell phone enjoys the fun and the challenge of making their cell phone unique. This is true regardless of what cell phone service provider is assigned on the phone. This is true for everyone on the Sprint cell phone network. One of the easiest ways to customize a cell phone is by changing the ringtones that are on it. Users can remove ringtones from the phone or they can add ringtones to it. Sprint cell phone users can also create their own ringtones for use on their phones.

The number of ringtones that are on a phone has a lot to do with the phone’s owner. Younger cell phone users are savvier than older users,Guest Posting so they will often have more ringtones on their phone. Also, people who work will have fewer ringtones on their cell phone because they are either too busy or they are aware of how much ringtones cost. To avoid excessive cost, users of Sprint cell phones are able to make their own ringtones for their phones.

Creating a custom ringtone for your Sprint cell phone

This process will require two software programs:

• Windows Movie Maker. This is a program that is installed already on most Windows computers. Locate this program on the computer now so it is ready to use in the following procedure.

• WinFF. This is a software program that is free. Visit to download this program. Install this before getting involved with the procedure to create a ringtone.

Creating the ringtone for the Sprint phone

1. Connect your Sprint cell phone to the computer using the USB connection cable.

2. Open Windows Movie Maker.

3. Import your audio clip or your music file into a Windows Movie Maker project

4. Import an image file into the Windows Movie Maker project.

5. Use the Windows Movie Maker interface to create a 30 second clip. Choose any part of the file. Use the “Split” option on the right side of the screen under the video preview window. Right click on the sections of the song you don’t need.

6. Grab the clip with the mouse to slide the clip to the beginning of the time line.

7. Right click the 30 second clip and choose fade in and/or fade out if desired.

8. Publish the video by clicking the “Publish Movie” option on the Windows Movie Maker tool bar. Choose “This computer” as the location. Give it a name and save it to a known location on the computer. Under “Publish To” select “Videos.” In the “Publish Movie” window, select “Windows Media Portable Device” from the “More Options” selection. Publish the movie.

9. Open the WinFF program.

10. In the WinFF interface, click the “Add” button on the menu and add the video clip that was just created in Windows Movie Maker.

11. In the “Convert To” dialog, choose “Mobile Phones.”

12. Under “Device Present, Select “CDMA Phone Audio (3g2). Select the media folder on the attached cell phone to receive the converted file.

13. Click the “Convert” button on the menu bar.

14. The new ringtone is created and is now on the phone.

Assigning the new ringtone on the Sprint cell phone

Depending on which Sprint cell phone is in use, the procedure to assign the video (the ringtone) to incoming calls may vary. Try going to “Settings” and then “Display” and then “Incoming Calls” to select the ringtone “video” to play when a call design sprint cost comes into the phone.

Ways to use ringtones on Sprint cell phones

Users can assign ringtones on Sprint cell phones as a default ringtone or as a ringtone for caller ID calls or even for calls that have no caller ID. Users can choose ringtones for any of the contacts that are on the cell phone’s contact list. This means that the ringtone will play when that particular phone number calls the phone.

Ringtones can play for specific calendar events and as alarm clock sounds. Separate ringtones are also used for incoming text messages, video messages and picture mail messages.


Creating ringtones for Sprint cell phones is fun, but users should consider a few things. First, check the space available on the memory card. Ringtones can fill up memory fast so get a new card to store a lot of ringtones. Now is a good time to get a bigger card if necessary.